What is a dream?

Dreams are weird. They’re not meant to represent anything factual in reality and yet they hold such significant weight on our feelings and emotions.

How is it that something based on purely fiction and fantasy can play such a heavy role on our mood? The ripple effect goes on and can even affect other people around you (e.g. you killing your best friend’s girlfriend or some weird shit like that) if you told them about your dream. 

The best part is, ALL OF IT ISN’T REAL! Nor does it represent our true intentions (unless of course you really wanna kill your best friend’s girlfriend) nor our desired scenarios. Yet our brain conjures the images up and forms a short clip of something totally bizarre that you’d never imagine yourself doing or would never do in real life.

It’s mind boggling to the extent that psychologists and psychiatrists interpret dreams as an indication of a subconscious desire or emotion, obviously not directly reflected by the dream itself.

Which forces you to wonder, what does a dream really mean?

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I think they mean something or can be interpreted when you wake up. They could show you what you desire, fear, or just give you replays of memories. It’s weird how they can wake me up with a smile or with tears. & it feels really good to dream again, idk why, but it stopped for a while and all I had was darkness…

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The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I ever had.
Mad World-Gary Jules (via no-longer-breathing)

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So I just woke up from yet another dreamless slumber but then I remembered that I actually did have a dream and remembered how amazing they were and again have the same puzzling thought process:

What are dreams?

Why do I almost never dream?

What do dreams consist of?

And so many more…

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I need a vacation. Something to take my mind off things.

I need to escape to somewhere far far away and just be alone for awhile. 

Time heals everything. Just sometimes not fast enough.

I tell myself I’ll be okay.


Can we just for one night let the stars decide where we belong?

What I think about every night:

Somewhere In my heart I’m always dancing with you in the summer rain. 

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